5 Tips That Are Important Know While Traveling Switzerland

5 Tips That Are Important To Know While Traveling Switzerland

Are you interested in knowing the tips that are important while traveling Switzerland?

Switzerland is known for its nature and beauty. Many travelers travel to Switzerland to spend their time with nature, and they don’t know the 5 Tips That Are Important Know While Traveling Switzerland. You just have to stay with me till the last to make your trip more superior than ever.

Switzerland has made its name for the best tourist caring country. That’s correct But, there are some difficulties that you can face in the future.

List of 5 Tips for traveling Switzerland

  • Don’t Take Taxis
  • Swiss chocolates
  • Don’t Buy Water
  • Buy a Swiss rail pass
  • Universal Travel Adapter
traveling Switzerland

Don’t Take Taxis

So the first tip is to Don’t Take Taxis because public transportation is easy to navigate and also has the signature, so it became easy to understand.

They will let you know when your bus is going to come and some more

traveling Switzerland

One more advantage that you get is that many cities and towns in Switzerland have walking paths, so If you have a tight budget, you can simply avoid using Taxis and walk.

The taxis of Switzerland are way too expensive, you can take a guess from this example that they cost an average of $5.19 per kilometer.

Swiss chocolates

Switzerland is very famous for its chocolates, so I know you will come back without taking packets or boxes. They are so yummy and so sweaty to eat

traveling Switzerland

One thing that people mistakenly do is that they buy chocolates from high-end stores, which only give them high packaging quality and take more bucks than the locals.

I will suggest you to buy chocolates from the locals because they are tasty and less expensive.

Don’t Buy Water

If you buy water from the supermarket in Switzerland, it is a complete waste of money because Switzerland is the home of the world’s cleanest and best-tasting tap water.

traveling Switzerland

Some people also say that you can directly drink water from the lakes, but will not suggest you do this because it can be dangerous.

You can drink water from any tap in Switzerland, it is a great tip if you want to save your money while traveling Switzerland.

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Buy a Swiss rail pass

One of the best tips which I want to give you is to buy a swiss rail pass. Now a question will be revolving in your mind that what is a Swiss rail pass.

traveling Switzerland

well your query is right. The swiss rail pass is the pass which includes unlimited travel from trains to even cable cars. You will also get 50% discount on the railways and the cable cars. You will also get deals on it so don’t miss it I will be lifetime experience.

It’s not only limited to travel but you will also get free entrance ticket of museums and exhibitions with this pass.

Universal Travel Adapter

Now this is going to be a very useful tip for you form my personal experience. In Switzerland they use Type-F or Schuko plug to charge their devices.

traveling Switzerland

So don’t forget buying a Type-F adapter you because you lose it then my friend headache is waiting for you.


So these were the 5 tips and tricks for going to Switzerland for safe and responsible travel. If you are going to Switzerland then don’t forget to follow these 5 amazing tricks and also do let me know your favorite trick from this article.

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