What Are The Amazing And Cheap Places In Europe For Students 2021?

What Are The Amazing And Cheap Places In Europe For Students 2021?

I know being a student it is very tuff to manage things on a budget. If you are a student who is planning to go to Europe in the future then your biggest concern will be cheap places in Europe.

If you are a student who wants to live in a cheap place then it means that you don’t extra cash for the brand value of the universities. I know you need cheap universities as well.

To make you calm down I had gathered the list of the 5 best places that are not only cheap but they have cheap education and some of them are free as well.

List Of 5 Cheap Places In Europe For Students

  1. Germany
  2. Hungary
  3. Portugal
  4. Poland
  5. Bulgaria


On the top of the list is Germany. Which is very cheap and education is free there. This country is very suitable because you can do some part-time job there as well to make a good living.

The average living cost in Germany 1400 EUR per month. Which I think you can easily afford it .


The next beautiful and cheap place we have for you is Hungary. This country is very cheap and you can find quality education there as well for cheap.

You can easily live a quality life over there for just 600 EUR per month. Being a student this price can be reduced as well. It depends on you how much you spend but this country is cheap, safe and beautiful. I love this country so much.


Portugal is a great country for students who want to do study and complete their education. I can easily guess that you will love Portugal because you will find it cheap and it will offer you many great experiences that will make your life easier for completing education.

As I already told you that Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in whole Europe, so you can afford it very easily. If you want to live in Portugal you have to pay 500 – 800 EUR per month, which I would say is a decent amount.

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So the next cheap country in which students can live their lives in Poland. I Picked this country because it’s very cheap and It’s a beautiful country.

The budget-friendly cities make this country cheap for students. Not only this country is cheap, but It’s beautiful also. It has many amazing architecture and landscapes like Ojców National Park outside of Kraków. The history and culture of this country are mind-blowing, you will fall in love with Poland without any delay.


What Are The Amazing And Cheap Places In Europe For Students 2021? Bulgaria is also one of the cheapest countries in Europe. If you travel to Bulgaria, you will save a lot of money and more enjoyment.

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia, which is an amazing place to visit. The biggest advantage you will get while traveling to Bulgaria is that almost main attractive places are affordable.

The food, locations and people everything is perfect for traveling. You will love this country after spending some time.


Now you know What Are The Amazing And Cheap Places In Europe For Students in 2021 in detail. If you want to ask any question related to any of these countries you ask in the comment section and also tell me when and where are you traveling.

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