What Are The Unique Places To Visit In Queensland?

What Are The Unique Places To Visit In Queensland?

Are you planning to go to Queensland this summer? and want to explore unique places in Queensland?

Or, Are you confused about where to visit and explore unique places in Queensland?

Wellbeing a traveler who had visited Queensland a couple of times I had combined a list of unique and amazing 5 places in Queensland that I’m 100% sure that many of you don’t know.

List Of Unique Places In Queensland:

  1. Cape Hillsborough
  2. SS City Of Adelaide
  3. Cobbold Gorge 
  4. Currumbin Beach
  5. Wilson Island

Cape Hillsborough

The beautiful Cape Hillsborough national park is located in the north of Queensland Australia. This park comprises beautiful scenery.

What Are The Unique Places To Visit In Queensland?

This park includes rain forests, rivers, lakes, rocks, forests, and beaches. In short, it is a complete package for your adventure trip.

There is accommodation for travelers, which means that you easily enjoy your adventure by resting and camping in the nighttime. Let me very honest that this is my favorite place in Queensland and I visit Australia I visit Cape Hillsborough national park.

SS City Of Adelaide

Before going to the history of SS City Of Adelaide, please tell me what you can see in this picture?

What Are The Unique Places To Visit In Queensland?

There is a ship-like fence where some trees are planted. Hmm, you are right.

SS City Of Adelaide was a ship launched in 1863 but it was destroyed during the war and turned into this.

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The most famous and the most historic place to see and it is located in the sea of mangroves, Adelaide. If you visit Queensland then don’t forget to visit SS City Of Adelaide.

Cobbold Gorge 

Now, this is a destination that I would recommend you to must-visit. Cobbold Gorge is equipped with all the scenery and the beauty that you will somewhere else in Queensland.

What Are The Unique Places To Visit In Queensland?

Lets imagine yourself going between the mountains in a boat on river. How you will feel?

I know you will say amazing.

The main highlighting beauty and the attraction of Cobbold Gorge is the river and the huge mountains.

Currumbin Beach

I know many of you will be wondering that we are discussing about Australia and we hadn’t discussed any beach yet.

What Are The Unique Places To Visit In Queensland?

Well for beach junkies I had included one of the best beach of Australia which is luckily included in Queensland.

Currumbin Beach is also known as Gold Coast. This beach is also considered one of the cleanest beaches in Australia. This beach is famous for surfing so don’t forget to bring your surfboard with you.

Wilson Island

Ladies and Gentleman’s at the end of the list we have an ISLAND for you. Now this is a extreme of adventure


Wilson Island is located 40 minutes drive from Heron Island. This is has a new world inside it. You will enormous number of fishes inside the island. This means that you can do fishing over there as well.

What Are The Unique Places To Visit In Queensland?


Well had discussed all the hidden and the amazing places of Queensland. If you want to do an adventure you can visit these places without any problem.

My favorite place among all the places is Cobbold George because it is equipped with all kinds of adventure and beautiful sceneries. Do let me know your favorite place in the comment section down below.

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