4 most beautiful destination in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a captivating hill station to go to in India located withinside the Chamba District. Located at an altitude of 1970 meters above sea level, this vacation spot is really well worth a go to for all folks that are seeking for peace and tranquillity. The city of Dalhousie has derived its call after the British General, Lord Dalhousie. He become the Governor-General of India and has mounted this vicinity as a summer time season retreat for its officers in addition to troops returned in the ones times.


Dalhousie is a city unfold throughout 5 high-altitude hills nestled near the Dhauladhar Mountain Range withinside the kingdom of Himachal Pradesh. This vicinity functions tendencies and homes of the colonial era. Some of the principal tendencies consist of St. John in addition to St. Francis Churches, that have been crafted returned withinside the 1800s for the duration of the guideline of thumb of the British.


1. Chamera lake

The Chamera is an synthetic lake, that is surrounded through stunning inexperienced bushes and amazing valleys. It offers manner to numerous water sports activities sports consisting of boat driving and fishing and is part of the Chamera Hydroelectric assignment this is constructed over the Ravi River. This lake is positioned at an altitude of 763 meters above the ocean floor and may be accessed from Chamba district, that is simplest 25 to 35 km from the primary marketplace of Dalhousie.


To inspire water sports activities sports at the lake, water sports activities sub-middle is installation through the Himachal Pradesh Department of Tourism close by the lake. The region of this lake is favorable as it may be without problems reached from Dalhousie, Chamba and Pathankot that are 25 km, forty km, and one hundred km farfar from the lake respectively. The Chamera Lake may be visited at some point of the year, however in case you actually need to revel in the snow white environment of the lake, then do go to it in winter.

2. Satdhara falls

Satdhara Falls is a scenic vacationer appeal in Dalhousie, withinside the kingdom of Himachal Pradesh. It comes at the manner at the same time as traveling to Panchpula. It stands at an extended peak of 2036 meters above sea level. Satdhara means ‘seven springs’ withinside the language of Hindi.

The seven miniature falls round one region is wherein the Satdhara waterfalls get its name. It is a serene and exquisite region. Nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts and pictures lovers regularly common this region. It is the appropriate region to picnic and spend a while with friends, own circle of relatives and cherished ones.

3. Ganji pahari

Ganji pahari

Ganji Pahari or the Bald Valley is in truth a serene and old fashioned hill in Dalhousie and a fave one for hikers. It is called Bald Hill due to the fact this vacationer has no plant life and looks greater like a bald, undeniable location on the peak of this valley. It is included with snowy hills all round and the vicinity is maximum famed for an afternoon in nature and spending weekend getaways or picnic right here with you tripping companions. You can take a stroll from Panchpula that’s the maximum near Ganji Pahari or get your self organized for trekking from Dalhousie. For trekkers, that is an idyllic vacation spot as you could start from Dalhousie and it’s going to simply take an hour to reach right here at this exciting valley!Dalhousie

4. Dainkund peak

The tall and exquisite Deodar timber, calm forests, colourful flowers, and inexperienced valleys are the motives why humans are so keen on this place. The view of Khajjiar Lake from Dainkund is some thing each photographer needs to seize in his or her camera. There are some villages close by Dainkund that gives scenic allure and picturesque view of the dust homes withinside the village. The Dainkund Peak is one of the maximum visited locations in Dalhousie and is placed at an altitude of 2755 meters above sea level. It offers 360 view of the whole valley and gives the notable image of the plush inexperienced timber and tranquil mountains.5 wonderful and calm places in shimla

Dainkund peak

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