MANALI – The Valley of Gods


MANALI HIMACHAL PRADESH ‘MANU-ALAYA’ Life is a long road we travel, from experiencing the beauty of path filled with flowers to continue their journey with hard rocks beneath our legs. Where Beas river chuckles down the gorges, and snowy peaks of the mountain reach their fingers to meet the sky: that’s what Manali is, in nutshell.

Manali is known as the ‘valley of gods’. It is go-to vacation spot for not only adventure seekers but leisure seekers, honeymooners and budget travellers as well. There are hot springs, some of the world’s highest mountain passes, rich culture and adventure sports like paragliding and skiing and river rafting – all under 50 km radius from the mall road.

Manali remains packed year- round with tourists. It is India’s adventure playground . Many a times there is an uncertainty in our way which has either sweet or bitter taste. So, here we go. As my journey started by bus from home town. It took 10 hours to reach Manali safely. It was the time of mid summer. I was very much excited . I saw a beautiful yet scary face of nature which was welcoming me and at the same time challenging with narrow roads and deep valleys. Then after I reached kullu valley 40 km away from Manali . I was a beautiful scene for me as the greenery of the valley fascinated me. After an hour I reached Manali and now, the real travelling started. I was 2 km away from Hidimba temple. The ancient temple which was named after Hidimba Devi, the wife of brave pandava ‘Bhima’ and the mother of ‘Ghatotkach’.A three storyed building built with rocks and woods.

The second day started with soul full of joy as I made way towards the Beas river . Sitting by the river side and contemplating the mountains was the best filling . The cold water kept flowing as if telling to never stop, but to move on. The great Himalayas stood high Resembling the might and power it held within, yet very gentle and humble giving shelter to a prolific wildlife. The precious stones along the river side were shinning brightly on my behalf for giving this precious gift from God, ‘life’. I continued exploring Manali and went solang valley for paragliding. It’s amazing how we felt in childhood when birds could fly and we wondered if we wondered if we had wings. It came true for me.

The evening embarked my visit to the beautiful Buddhist monasteries. The Gadhan Tekchoking Gompa is situated on the Mall road. This is the place to find your soul The beautiful idol of Lord Buddha with aromatic fragrance of the Tibetan incense laid an enchanting charm on me that made me lure to visit the place again.

The next , I visited was vashist hot water spring. It remains a popular tourist destination in Manali. It is believed to have medicinal and healing properties. It was possible for me to bathe in the natural spring because I reached their early morning. Now, the time came to see the snow fall and to went Rohtang pass. It is located at almost 50 km from the mall road. It is possible to visit and spend a few hours there enjoying snow on a day trip from Manali. Regular taxi’s are available from there to go Rohtang pass . It give me very good vibes and now the, time came to say byy to manali and return back home. It was a wonderful place that will dominate my mind for a long time. I came from Manali but probably left a little price of mine there. Probably, a travel bug had bitten me , whose poison still brings smile on my face.

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